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How to survive a Tsunami, according to Science

You are on the beach, the sound of waves– wait, what? Where’d all the water go? Did you see it going out? Now what?

Jabal Abyad, the tallest volcano in Saudi Arabia

Jabal Abyad, located in Harrat Khyber, Madinah region, stands at a 2,093 meters, making it the tallest volcano in Saudi Arabia. Its name translates to ‘white mountain’ after the distinctive white ash that coats it.

Scientists Detect Earthquakes Using Subsea Fibre Optic Cable

Seismologists in California have teamed up with Google to develop a clever new way of detecting Earthquakes by harnessing the internet giant’s existing 10,500km long “Curie” subsea fibre cable, which can transmit data at speeds of 72Tbps (Terabits...

Laos Issues New Decree on Dams Aimed at Minimizing Harm

The government of Laos issued new guidelines for managing hydropower dams aimed at minimizing water shortages and flooding, amid debate on how its hydropower boom has altered the vital Mekong River.

Disaster in the Himalayas: how a rare February landslide left more than 200 dead

A landslide 20 kilometres west of Nanda Devi, India’s second-highest peak, resulted in a flash flood on Feb. 7 that left more than 200 dead, and swept away two state hydro-electric projects, according to satellite imagery reviewed by Reuters.