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In the morning of 2nd August, the CCNDPC held a meeting to direct responses to Storm No. 2. Mr. Tran Quang Hoai – Vice-Chairman of the CCNDPC host the meeting. Attending the meeting are leaders and representatives of agencies and units as member Ministries and Agencies of the CCNDPC, including: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Vietnam Disaster Management Authority), Directorate of Water resources, Directorate of Fisheries, Department of Plantation); Ministry of Industry and Trade; Ministry of Transport; Ministry of Public Security; Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN).

Mr. Tran Quang Hoai – Vice-Chairman of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control 

As forecasted by the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, at 04:00 of August 2, the storm center is approx. 19.40 Northern Latitude and 106.70 East Longitude which is about 120km Southeast from the coast of Thai Binh - Nghe An provinces. The strongest wind magnitude near storm center is level 8 with gust level 10. It is forecasted that in the next 12 hours, the storm will move in the West-Northwestern direction and the travelling speed is about 15km. The storm will hit provinces from Ninh Binh to Nghe An and then weaken into a tropical depression.

In the meeting, Mr. Mai Van Khiem - Director of the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting reported that from noon to early this afternoon, Storm No. 02 will land the mainland and its center will be found in the inland of provinces from Ninh Binh to Nghe An. The wind intensity is level 6-7 and gust level 9. Regarding rainfall, during the whole day of 2nd August, provinces from Thanh Hoa  to Quang Tri will observe heavy to very heavy rains of 100-150mm or even above 150mm in some places. During 02- 05 August, the North region will experience rainfall of 200-350mm each time or event over 400mm in some places. During the whole day of 2nd August, the Central Highlands and the Southern region will observe rainfall of 50-100mm.

Mr. Mai Van Khiem - Director of the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting gave some observations on the  Storm No. 02

Representatives of the Directorate of Water Resources reported that most of irrigation reservoirs in the Northern Region and Central Highlands are now storing as much as 17-70% of its design capacity. Particularly, such large scale reservoirs as Khe La (Nghe An) are having high storage (98%); Bau Nguyen (Ha Tinh) is kept as much as 95% of its design capacity. Some reservoirs in the Central Highlands are even storing its maximum design volume, including Dak Kan (100%), Dak Loy (Kon Tum): 100%, Lower Ea Soup (Dak Lak): 100%, Dak Rtang (Dak Nong): 100%. All reservoirs are currently operating in accordance with their normal procedures.

As reported by representatives from Ministry of Industry and Trade, such large scale Northern hydropower reservoirs as Son La, Hoa Binh, Tuyen Quang and Thac Ba are having water levels 0.41m - 19.03m below the allowable levels. The total flood absorption volumes of these reservoirs is 4.49 billion m3 i.e. to reach a full water supply at 12.51 billion m3. Hydropower reservoirs in the Central region are now maintaining low water levels. Particularly, Khe Bo Hydropower on Ca river is now keeping only 90% of its design capacity.  The upstream water level of Ho Ho Reservoir is 63.92m/70m (full water supply) and the reservoir will  discharge a flow of 100-500m3/s through its spillway at 10am on August 2. Representative of Vietnam Electricity (EVN) said that Hoa Binh Reservoir now can absorb as much as 3 billion m3 of flood water and suggested that Hoa Binh reservoir store more water for agriculture production.


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung - Representative of Border Guard High Command at the meeting

According to the report of the Border Guard High Command, at 5:00 of August 2, as many as 56,174 ships and 233,900 labors have been informed, counted and instructed to safe anchorages and shelters in provinces from Nam Dinh to Nghe An. There are 02 boat incidents. 01 fishing boat in Thanh Hoa with broken engine and drifting on the sea has been successfully towed to the safe anchorage; 01 fishing boat in Nghe An province has been shattered by the storm from its anchorage shelter and sank. The damage is estimated at VND 150 million. Currently, all people working on aquaculture ponds, cages and rafts have been persuaded to move or to be evacuated to safe places inland.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Tran Quang Hoai – Vice-Chairman of the CCNDPC - General Director of the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority requested ministries, agencies and localities to strictly enforce the Official Telex. No. 1021/CD-TTg dated August 1, 2020 of the Prime Minister. Mr. Tran Quang Hoai emphasized that through the IT system monitoring fishing boats, it is found that some boats are still operating in dangerous areas at sea and it is necessary to pay close attention to these boats. Continued efforts should be made to inform, count and instruct more boats at sea to safe anchorages and shelters. Search and rescue operations should be made ready in case of emergency.

Lowland areas: it is necessary to closely monitor rainfall, inundation and be ready for waterlogging drainage.

Midland and mountainous areas: it is necessary to strengthen the timely monitoring and supervision of reservoirs with special attention to small reservoirs; inspect all reservoirs and downstream areas to ensure safety for people living in downstream areas.

Hydropower reservoirs: EVN is requested to monitor, supervise and timely report on the proper operation of reservoirs to ensure their safety. Particular attention and monitoring should be paid to the operation of small hydropower reservoirs.

National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting: continues to monitor and provide timely information on storms and rainfall. Information of heavy rains in Laos should be also followed.

The Standing Office of the CCNDPC shall organize regular duty tasks and closely monitor the storm; database system and data of specialized measurement stations should be regularly checked to provide timely information to local levels.

Closely monitor potential flash floods and landslides in mountainous areas in the North and North Central regions as well as floods and rains in river basins, especially Gianh river in Quang Binh province.

According to a quick report of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dak Lak province, heavy rains were observed in Ea Sup, Buon Don and Cu M’gar districts on July 31, 2020 which flooded 291 houses, 2,120 ha of crops and damaged 2,000 poultry, some cattle and aquaculture ponds. Some roads were flooded and isolated (01 provincial road and inter-village roads).


Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control