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Flash report on Storm No. 6 and tropical depressions in the East Sea, widespread heavy rain in the Central region of Vietnam on 11 October, 2020.


  1. The last update of Storm No. 6

On the morning of October 11, Typhoon No.6 entered the mainland of Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces and weakened into a tropical depression. In Ly Son island (Quang Ngai), wind speed level 8 and gust 9 is observed; the coastal areas of Quang Nam-Quang Ngai provinces witnessed strong winds level 6 to 7, gust level 8.

  1. Tropical depressions in the East Sea

On the afternoon of October 11, a tropical depression appeared in the Northeastern East Sea. At 1am of 12 October, the location of the tropical depression was about 17.30 North Latitude and 118.00 East Longitude; wind speed is level 6, gust level 8. It is forecast that during the next 24 hours, the tropical depression will move in West-Northwest directions at the speed of 15-20km/hour and is likely to develop into a storm; by 01 a.m. of 12 October, center of the tropical depression is 18.00 North Latitude; 113.80 East Longitude; the strongest wind speed near the tropical depression center is level 8, gust level 10.

The dangerous zone in the next 24 hours: latitude 15.5 to 19.50 North Latitude and 112.50 to 119.5 0 East Longitude. The disaster risk level: Level 3.

  1. Widespread heavy rain in the Central region of Vietnam

During October 12-13, heavy to very heavy rains will happen in provinces in Mid-Central region. The total rainfall: Quang Tri and Thua Thien Hue (200-400mm), even over 500mm in some places; Quang Binh and Da Nang (100-200mm); Ha Tinh, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai (80-150mm).

  1. Rainfall updates

- Rainfall: (19h  of 05 October to 19h  of 11 October): Total prevalling rainfall in provinces: Ha Tinh, Binh Dinh (350-450 month); Quang Binh (400-600 month); Quang Ngai (500-800 month); Quang Tri, Da Nang (800-1,000 month); Quang Nam (900-1,200 month}; especially in Thua Thien Hue (1,300-1,700 month). Some rain gauges measured rainfall of over 1,500mm, including A Luoi station (Hue): 1,888mm; Khe Tre station (Hue): 1,788mm; Huong Linh station (Quang Tri): 1,520mm.

- Day rainfall (during 19h of 10 October to 19h of 11 October): Mainly concentrated in provinces from Thua Thien Hue to Quang Ngai, ranging between 300-400mm.

- Night rainfall (during 19h of 11 October to 6pm 12 October): Provinces from Quang Tri to Da Nang continue to witness heavy to very heavy rains, i.e. 100-120mm; Ha Tinh, Quang Nam (30 50mm). Some rain gauges measured large rainfall: A Voi station (Quang Tri): 240mm, Ta Long station (Quang Tri): 210mm, A Luoi station (Hue): 182mm, Quang Dien station (Hue): 182 mm, Da Nang station (Da Nang): 88mm.


  1. Hydrology
  2. a) Updated hydrological situation: Currently, flood level in rivers in Thua Thien Hue are higly fluctuating and rising slowly; river levels in Quang Nam are rising; rivers in Quang Ngai and Kien Giang river (Quang Binh) are receding. Floods in Dakbla river in Kon Tum reached its peak of 521.16m (20:00 of 11 October) which is 0.34m below the alarming level 3 and is receding.
  3. b) Forecasts:

Flood in rivers in Thua Thien Hue continues to fluctuate at a high level; Kien Giang, Thach Han rivers are up again, rivers in Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Kon Tum are gradually decreasing. In the evening and night of 12 October, water levels of following rivers are forecast as follows:

- Kien Giang river at Le Thuy station (Quang Binh): 2.7m, at alarming level 3;

- Thach Han River at Thach Han station (Quang Tri): 6.0m, at alarming level 3;

- Bo River at  Phu Oc station (Hue): 5.0m, 0.5m above alarming level 3;

- Huong River at Kim Long station (Hue): 4.0m, 0.5m above alarming level 3;

- Vu Gia river at Ai Nghia station (Quang Nam): 9.0m, at alarming level 3;

- Thu Bon river at Cau Lau station (Quang Nam): 4.2m, 0.2m above alarming level 3; at Hoi An: 0.5m above alarming level 3.

  1. Inundation
  2. a) Updated situation: As of 22h of 11 October, as many as 176 communes/wards with 94,277 households were flooded (a decrease of 30 communes and 14,757 households compared to 10 October); inundation depth is from 0.3m to 1.8m, especially 3m in some locations (Quang Binh: 32 communes; Quang Tri: 80 communes; Thua Thien Hue: 54 communes/wards; Da Nang: 10 communes/wards, Quang Nam: 16 communes).
  3. b) Warnings:

The inundation situation is deep, large-scale in low-lying areas, urban areas continue to take place and likely to persist, especially in: Quang Binh (Le Thuy, Quang Ninh); Quang Tri (Dakrong, Quang Tri town); Thua Thien Hue (Phu Loc, Phu Vang, Quang Dien, Phong Dien, Hue City, Huong Thuy Town, Huong Tra); Quang Nam (Dai Loc, Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen, Hoi An, Tam Ky City); Quang Ngai (Binh Son, Son Tinh, Nghia Hanh, Tu Nghia, Quang Ngai City).


  1. Irrigation reservoirs
  2. a) Northern Region: 543 reservoirs (81 reservoirs are damaged, 51 reservoirs under construction), storage: 55-95% of the design capacity (no change compared with October 10).
  3. b) North Central region: 323 reservoirs (55 reservoirs are damaged, 41 reservoirs are under construction), Current storage: 50-85% of the design capacity (5% up compared to October 10).
  4. c) South Central region: 517 reservoirs (24 reservoirs are damaged, 31 reservoirs are under construction), Current storage: 30-90% of the design capacity (an increase of 20% ​​compared to October 10).
  5. d) Central Highlands region: 1,246 reservoirs (41 reservoirs are damaged, 43 under construction), Current storage: 60-90% of the design capacity (little change compared to October 10).
  6. Hydropower reservoir
  7. a) Huong river basin (4 reservoirs are being discharged, total discharge volume: 6,675 m3/s):

Name of reservoir


Inflow (m3/s)

Discharge flow  (m3/s)

Upstream level (m)

Full water supply (m)

Power generation

Through the outlet gate

A Lưới

05h of 12 October 2020






Tả Trạch

06h of 12 October 2020






Hương Điền

06h of 12 October 2020






Bình Điền

17h of 11 October 2020






  1. b) Vu Gia - Thu Bon river basin (06 reservoirs are discharging, total discharge volume: 4,292 m3/s):

Name of reservoir


Inflow (m3/s)

Discharge flow  (m3/s)

Upstream level (m)

Full water supply (m)

Power generation

Through the outlet gate

Đắk Mi 4a

06h of 12 October 2020






Sông Tranh 2

06h of 12 October 2020






Sông Bung 5

07h of 12 October 2020






Sông Bung 4A

06h of 12 October 2020






Sông Bung 4

06h of 12 October 2020






A Vương

06h of 12 October 2020






  1. c) Flood absorption reservoirs in the Northern region: Hoa Binh reservoir closed 01 bottom discharge gate at 17h of 11 October (Currently, all gates of the reservoir have been closed).

Along sea and river dykes from Quang Ninh to Phu Yen, there are 85 critical dyke points (71 dyke sections with a total length of 154.5km and 14 culverts under dyke) and 37 structures on construction. All these works should be well protected if the tropical depression is likely to strengthen into a storm.


Up to 10pm of 11 October, a total of 17 ships with 106 people had accidents during disasters, among them 11 ships were sunk, 06 ships were caught in incidents and 99 people safely rescued; 03 people died, 04 are missing. Currently, the competent forces are continuing to search for following missing peoples:

- Vietship (01 ship): in the morning of October 11, 8 people on board in Vietship ship were successfully saved (7 crew members + 01 fisherman); Vietship 12: two crew members are missing: 01 body was found, 01 person is still missing.

- Da Nang ships: Da Nang 90988 TS with 02 crew members who are missing when leaving the wharf 15 to Tho Quang ship lock at 6am of 8 October. In the evening of October 11, 01 body was found and 01 person is still missing.

- Quang Nam ships: QNa 90949 TS: Anchoring at Nui Thanh habor/ Quang Nam province: the ship was sunk due to broken anchor (at 5am of 11 October), 02 people were missing.


According to flash reports of local authorities, as of 6pm  of 11 October, 15,392 households/45,835 people have been evacuated, or an increase of 4,749 households/13,987 people compared to the flash report on 11 October (previously mentioning the evacuation situation: Quang Binh: 266 households/871 people, Quang Tri: 6,774 households/19,900 people, Thua Thien Hue: 6,709 households/19,522 people, Da Nang 882 households/2,953 people; Quang Nam 533 households/1,677 people, Quang Ngai 228 households/912 people).


  1. Damages and losses

Summary of damage and loss data up to 10pm of 11 October:

a) Lives:

- Deaths: 18 people (15 are swept away by floods; 03 as crew members died at sea), i.e. an increase of 09 people: Quang Binh 01 (an increase of 01 person), Quang Tri 06 (an increase of 03 persons), Thua Thien Hue 03 (an increase of 01 person), Quang Nam 03 (an increase of 02 persons), Da Nang 01 (an increase of 02 persons), Quang Ngai 01, Gia Lai 01, Dak Lak 01, Lam Dong 01 (an increase of 01 person).

- Missing people: 14 people (10 people swept away by flood; 04 crew members at sea), including: Quang Binh 01, Quang Tri 06, Thua Thien Hue 01, Da Nang 03, Quang Nam 02, Gia Lai 01), reduced 02 people (Quang Tri 01, Da Nang 01 have found the body); increase 05 people (Quang Binh 01, Hue 01, Da Nang 01, Quang Nam 02).

(Details are attached Appendix)

b) On housing: 382 houses collapsed, damaged, 109,034 houses were flooded.

c) Regarding traffic: 108 points of national highway, 8,656m of local roads were eroded and damaged (provinces of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai); 11 flooded points (Quang Binh 02; Thua Thien Hue 09). The transport industry has set up barriers, regulated traffic and organized to overcome incidents. At present, floods and landslides cause congestion in some places on major traffic routes such as: National Highway 1A, 49A, 49B (Thua Thien Hue); Ho Chi Minh road West branch, Highway 9 (Quang Tri); Highway 15 (Quang Binh)

d) Agriculture: 584ha of rice, 3,879ha of crops were flooded and buried; 2,141ha of aquatic products were damaged; 271 cattle and 150,489 poultry died and were swept away.

e) Education: 70 schools were flooded (Quang Binh 28, Quang Tri 01; Da Nang 11, Quang Nam 30).

f) On coastal landslide: 20.6 km (7km Ha Tinh, Thua Thien Hue 10.1km, Quang Nam 3.5km).

* Of which, for the damage caused by typhoon No. 6 in Quang Ngai as follows: 08 people were injured; 72 houses were damaged or damaged; 535ha of crops and onions were damaged; 219 ha of fruit trees and perennial crops were damaged; 1,000 trees were broken; 36ha of shrimp were damaged; 35 traffic points were flooded, landslide and congestion, many power poles were broken, causing power outages in Binh Son and Mo Duc districts.

  1. Emergency relief needs

Currently, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue have reported and requested for emmecengy supports from National reserve, including: 4,000 tons of rice (Thua Thien Hue: 1,000 tons; Quang Binh: 3,000tons);  10,000 boxes of instant noodles, 02 tons of dry food (Thua Thien Hue); 110 tons of corn and assorted vegetable varieties (Quang Binh); medicines, disinfectants, and search and rescue tools and equipment.


  1. At Central level

- On the morning of October 11, Minister – Permanent Vice-Chairman of Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control Nguyen Xuan Cuong chaired the meeting of the Committee on uregent responses to storm No. 6, heavy rains and floods.

- The VINASARCOM mobilized all forces and vehicles to successfully rescue crew members on VietShip 01 Boat.

- The Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control issued telegram No. 23/CD-TW to provinces and cities from Quang Ninh to Phu Yen and related ministries and sector to urge proactgive to tropical depression over the East Sea and flooding situation.

- Region Military Unit No. 4, 5, Border Guard have mobilized 9,607 people (Military 1,909, Militia 7,698), 267 vehicles (95 cars, 172 ships and boats) to coordinate with local forces search and rescue, overcoming consequences of heavy rain, flood and storm.

- The Missions of Standing Office of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control completed the inspection and supervision of disaster preparedness in Central Region provinces.

- The Standing Office of the Steering Committee closely monitors the Storm No. 6, tropical depressions, floods, heavy rains; advise upper levels for response measures.

  1. Local

The localities are requested to strictly implement the Official telegram No. 1372/CD-TTg dated October 8 of the Prime Minister and the Telegram No. 22/CD-TW dated 10 October 2020 of the Steering Committee mentioning the search and rescue  and recovery activities after the disasters.

  2. Ministries, branches and localities continue to seriously implement the Prime Minister's Official Telegram No. 1372/CD-TTg dated October 8, 2020 and Official Telegram No. 23/CD-TW dated October 11, 2020 of Standing office of the Steering Committee focuses on dealing with floods in the Central provinces and tropical depressions in the East Sea.
  3. Continue to carry out search and rescue work; organizing visits, encouragement, and timely support for families with dead people; providing food, food, environmental sanitation, housing, and clean water support for the affected people; quickly overcome the consequences of rain and flood, restore production.
  4. 4. Closely monitor the evolution of tropical low pressures in the East Sea and the flood situation to proactively respond measures, especially the management and guidance of ships to safe shelters; avoiding such boat incidents in past days.
  5. Direct and organize the supervision of the operation of irrigation and hydropower reservoirs to ensure their safety and safety of downstream aeras, especially for reservoirs in Huong, Vu Gia - Thu Bon river basins and other reservoirs in the Northern region which are already full of water.
  6. Strengthen communication on complex developments of rain, flood and low pressure in the East Sea; instruct people in taking safe measures during disasters; especially in deeply flooded areas and for people in flooded areas even flood water may recede.
  7. Continuing to review and assess flood related damages and emergency relief needs and report to the Prime Minister for consideration and supporting decisions.
  8. 7. Maintaining 24/24 on-duty mode; regularly report to the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and VINASARCOM for any updated information of the disasters.

 Attached appendix in Vietnamese

Department of Natural Disaster Response and Recovery