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While sleeping at the shack to look after their cattle, Mr. C. and his wife (Phin Ngan commune, Bat Xat, Lao Cai) were buried by landslides.

In the morning of 6 August, Mr. Tan Lao Ta - Chairman of Phin Ngan Commune's People's Committee (Bat Xat, Lao Cai) said that a landslide happened causing the death of a couple.

On the evening of 5 August, Mr. T.L.C and Mrs. T.T.M (born in 1957, residing in Trung Chai village, Phin Ngan commune) went to sleep to look after the animals.

At about 7pm on 6 August, a large amount of soil and rocks on the hill behind fell into the shack and burried Mr. C. and his wife.

After receiving the information, local authorities quickly arrived at the scene to organize the cleaning and helping the victims' families to take care of the funeral.

According to the commune leader, in recent days, there has been heavy rain so the risk of landslide is very high.

Previously, heavy rain on the night of 4 August to the morning of 5 August had damaged the road surface from the center of Sa Pa to Phan Xi Pang ward and Hoang Lien commune, causing landslide, making it difficult for people to travel. 

Community-based disaster management Department