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The meaning of apricot blossom

Apricot blossom has a yellow color representing luxury and nobility but it also has a gentle, lovely beauty, close to daily life. Anyone can plant and enjoy apricot blossom.

Southerners, after the full moon of December (lunar December), they pick up apricot leaves hoping that apricot blossom will bloom brightly in the morning of the New Year Day. Ancient people thought: "Apricot blossom blooms on New Year Day will bring luck to the family in that year". People often bring the apricot blossom tree into the house to welcome spring. Enjoying tea at the tea table while watching the flowers is extremely interesting. Apricot blossom used to be associated with the Confucian scholars. It is included in the group of four noble tree: "Pine, Daisy, Bamboo, Apricot blossom".

Meaning: The hope for luck, happiness, loyal love.

The yellow apricot blossom symbolizes nobility and luxury of the feudal kings.

Apricot blossom brings luck , plentiful health, prosperity, wealth for the new year.

Ý nghĩa của hoa mai, hoa đào, cây quất ngày tết

Apricot blossom tree in Tet holiday

The meaning of peach blossom

First of all, peach blossom are considered as the quintessence of the Five Elements, able to dispel the demons to bring people a peaceful and happy life.

Not only that, the peach blossom also symbolizes the proliferation. Everyone wishes to have a prosperous year, prosperous business, and a happy family. Peach blossom is like sowing beliefs and hope for good things in the future.

Peach blossom brings new vitality, everyone in the family has a lot of health, everything is as expected.

The beauty of this flower also represents the girl of the North: gentle, shy, graceful ...

Peach blossom also reminds people of loyalty. In the Three Kingdoms, the three people: Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in the peach blossom vowed to be sworn brothers and prayed: "Not born on the same day and month and year, but vowed to die on the same day and month." The peach blossom garden was a place that witnessed the truly admirable friendship of three people.

Time goes by gradually, not everyone knows all the meaning of this tree, just know that, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, decorating the house with peach blossom trees or branches has become a custom.

 Ý nghĩa của hoa mai, hoa đào, cây quất ngày tết

Peach blossom tree in Tet holiday

The meaning of the kumquat tree

The kumquat tree with green leaves, fruitful fruits and yellow fruits all show prosperity, promising a new year with a bumper crop, wealthy life and abundant in vitality.

Since ancient times, the kumquat tree has become a unique cultural feature of the Vietnamese people on the Lunar New Year. Many people even joked that "if there are no kumquats or peach blossom trees in the house then it is not considered as Tet holiday".

According to Vietnamese opinion, the kumquat tree represents a "rich" harvest and is also a start for a good new year. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year, we often see each family buy a kumquat tree with luxuriant yellow fruit, green leaves with the desire to start a good new year, to increase wealth and luck for members in family.

When you buy a kumquat tree for the new year, you should take a careful study. According to many people, they also have to study feng-shui to choose a good kumquat tree. The beautifully decorated kumquat tree has a beautiful meaning of a peaceful New Year.

Decorating the kumquat tree indoors carries the hope of joy and luck for the whole year to the family, in business, placing the kumquat tree in an office or store will bring in great air, a clear investment and lots of good fortune to increase wealth and fortune for family members.

Ý nghĩa của hoa mai, hoa đào, cây quất ngày tết

Kumquat tree in Tet holiday


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