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In early May of 2019, with the approval of the Disaster Management Authority - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Next Build Group, together with Tech Build Co., Ltd., has a presentation to introduce new products: Additives for mortar and concrete using sea sand and sea water ECO- CSB and ECO-CSSB. Next Build Group is known as the manufacturer of ECO-CSB and ECO-CSSB products, and Tech Build Co., Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in Central Vietnam. Participants include Leaders of all levels of the Disaster Management Authority, representatives of professional departments, Next Build Group's leaders, Tech Build Company’s leaders and members of the research team.

Back ground of Miclayco technology and social meaning of the products: The presentation based on the reality of the exploitation and the indiscriminate use of fresh water and sand resources, which has rapidly been increasing with the development of the construction industry. This has been seriously affecting the environment and the quality of human life. Since then, the search for solutions to overcome those above problems has urged the inventor, Dr. Nguyen Hong Binh – the former Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Water Resources and a group of scientists from Ho Chi Minh City Science and Technology Association. , launched ECO-CSB and ECO-CSSB products - Additives for mortar and concrete using sea sand and sea water.


Cost for transportation of sand and fresh water from land to island accounts for a high proportion in the construction cost structure, making cost higher than usual price because of seriously lacking sand and fresh water. Also, with the desire to minimize maintenance costs (in order to maintain stability and solidity of the project in long term), Dr. Nguyen Hong Binh firstly focuses on construction works at islands, taking advantage in using local and on-site available raw materials, with treatments of clay/salt for aggregates, minimizing construction costs by applied solutions of using sea sand and salt water to produce concrete and mortar.


Since then, in 1994, MICLAYCO technology was discovered. The nature of this technology is still based on the traditional theory of producing concrete and mortar, but using sea sand (possibly silt) and sea water (or alum water, alluvial water) with the application of ECO-CSB and ECO-CSSB used MICLAYCO technology. Blending cement, sand saline, salt water, and just with required average technical level (rural masons) can produce mortar, plaster, concrete, and making floor tiles, etc. Evidently, its advantage due to the fast hardening additive will make the price down, socialize in construction investment, shorten construction time, and put building into operation; solve the deadlock because of lacking clean sand and fresh water resources; reduce the risk of landslides and environmental pollution; contribute to improve the quality of human life.


This is really a breakthrough in technical innovations to overcome the traditional solutions of producing concrete, bold in replacing available but poor quality local resources in construction, diversify construction materials and reduce the exploitation of traditional raw materials.

Effects of additives: ECO-CSB and ECO-CSSB will overcome destruction caused by swelling of clay particles and unstable, and porous Hydroxides of cement motar with sea sand that makes mortar shrinked when it gets dry; and caused by Na+ (in dissociated salt NaOH) combines with water obstructs the clotting of mortar.


Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation