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As of July 21, the rain and floods of July 20 and July 21 in Ha Giang province has killed 5 people and injured 2 others, some roads were partially flooded, greatly affecting traffic and daily life of the people.

(Photo by VTC Newspaper)

From the night of 20 to 14h on July 21, moderate rain occurred in the northern mountainous provinces, there are places where heavy rain, common rainfall is 30-60mm. Particularly, Ha Giang province has very heavy rain with high intensity, total rainfall from 0h to 14h on July 21 in Ha Giang city is 378mm, in Xuyen Vi district is 401mm.

In the morning of July 21, Chairman of Ha Giang People's Committee Nguyen Van Son issued an official telegram No. 2275-CD/CTUBND, to the Chairman of the Steering Committee and People's Committee of districts and cities; members of the Provincial Steering Committee on implementation of measures to overcome and prevent natural disasters. Mr. Nguyen Van Son directed the People's Committees of districts and cities with local flooding points, floods, landslides (Ha Giang, Vi Xuyen and Hoang Su Phi) to mobilize forces and vehicles on the spot to join with grassroots forces and people to promptly overcome the consequences; deploy solutions to ensure safety of people's life and property.

(Photo by VTC Newspaper)

On the same day, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Dang Quoc Khanh directly inspected at some locations such as: Flooded area of group 3, Minh Khai ward; Group 2, Ngọc Hà ward; Chàng hamlet, Phương Thiện commune, etc. After checking, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Đặng Quốc Khánh asked the authorities to urgently mobilize forces, vehicles and machines to help the people and overcome the damage; expeditiously deploy measures to ensure safety for people. In addition, Secretary Dang Quoc Khanh requested to strictly implement the response plan and the motto "4 on the spot" to help people overcome the damage caused by natural disasters; promptly concerned, encouraging people as well as regularly monitoring, sticking to the situation, synchronously implementing solutions to minimize damage during the floods.

Regarding the response to flood recovery in Ha Giang province, Senior Lieutenant Colonel Han To Hai, Deputy Head of Search and Rescue Department (General Staff Department, Military Region 2), said: Military Region High Command 2 directed the Ministry of Military Affairs of Ha Giang province to mobilize more than 700 soldiers, including soldiers and militia, 7 cars, 3 boats, 4 excavators, etc. to coordinate with forces to overcome the aftermath and response to natural disasters. In the coming time, the Search and Rescue Department will continue to advise with the Command of Military Region 2 to direct localities and units in the area, carefully prepare forces and vehicles, ready to deal with the disaster situations; promote the effectiveness of "4 on the spot", overcome the consequences of rain and flood.

The Central Steering Committee office