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The Norwegian small town of Ask awoke to a landslide early Wednesday morning that injured 10 and left 21 unaccounted for.

A massive landslide struck the small Norwegian town of Ask Wednesday morning around 4 a.m., leaving 10 people injured and nearly two dozen unaccounted for. (Fredrik Hagen/NTB via AP) (Associated Press)

The landslide hit around 4 a.m., forcing 700 people to evacuate for fear of further landslides. The 21 people unaccounted for could have evacuated, or they could still be in buildings in the area, police spokesman Roger Pettersen told local media Wednesday. 

Pictures and videos of the aftermath showed buildings that fell into a ravine the landslide created. 

"What I saw were several houses that had collapsed, and some cars down there," Jenny Mikkelsen, a resident of Ask who lives next to the landslide, told Norwegian news outlet NRK. "It was absolutely awful to watch. Everything was on top of each other, it was difficult to see what was what. Everything had just collapsed into a huge mass.