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OVERVIEW: At 1232 HRS UTC+7, a Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake with a depth of 10 km occurred 43 km Southwest of Mamuju, Indonesia (BMKG).

ANALYSIS: Preliminary analysis indicate that this is a moderate earthquake, but it is very
shallow (shallower quakes tend to be more damaging than deeper quakes). Earthquakes of this
depth and magnitude tend to result to moderate to severe shaking within 80.0 km from the
epicentre (
EXPOSURE: It is estimated that 689,625 people, 172,406 households, and $10.9 Million
(USD) of infrastructure
(total replacement value) are within 80.0 km of the epicentre (DMRS).
IMPACTS: BNPB report as of 1700 HRS UTC+7
o 4 injuries reported and have been referred to a hospital in Mamuju Regency
o 3 evacuation centres have been established in Manakarra Stadium, Office of the Governor of
West Sulawesi Province, and TVRI Office in Mamuju Regency in anticipation of aftershocks
o 20,000 persons evacuated their homes in Majene Regency in anticipation of aftershocks
o The record for damaged houses is still under data collection
o The local disaster management agency of West Sulawesi Province conducted a quick review
and has coordinated with relevant agencies. The community in the affected area has been
evacuated and tents have been sent up at the Mamuju General Hospital.
o The local disaster management agency of Mamuju Regency and the response team are
doing a quick assessment and evacuation and data collection is still underway
o Urgent needs that been identified include instant food, logistics, blankets, and tents (family
tents and isolation tents)
The AHA Centre will continue to monitor and issue necessary updates once more information
from official sources becomes available.


Source: AHA Centre