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Residents in some villages in Binh Son District of Quang Ngai Province fear the development of coastal erosion due to the impact of rough sea and tidal force.

During the recent two days, rising tide has eroded the gardens of households in Chau Tan village and swallowed hundreds of meter-long sections along the coasts and four other traffic roads. 

Currently, the coastal erosion has been severer. 

Many areas along the coasts have been swallowed and weeping willow and pandanus trees on the shore have been uprooted.

The People’s Committee of Binh Chau Commune inspected the destroyed areas and encouraged local people to proactively perform measures to cope with landslides and coastal erosions during tidal waves. Additionally, the locality planned people evacuation from gales and big waves.

The People’s Committee of Binh Chau Commune also proposed the People’s Committee of Quang Ngai Province and competent authorities consider urgent investment in the anti-erosion embankment.

Vu Thuy Duong - STICD