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Heatwaves are sweeping the world, and the occurrence of extreme temperature events is becoming more and more frequent.

In 2022, an unprecedented heatwave moved through the world and affected millions of people's lives in Asia, Europe and North America. The ongoing heatwaves will last for several weeks. Local records for the highest temperatures have been broken in many countries.

It reached 49 degrees Celsius in Jacobabad on May 13, 2022, one of the hottest May temperatures ever recorded in Pakistan. Several cities across India had high temperatures over 42.8 degrees Celsius, with Wardha rising to 45 degrees Celsius. The 2022 heatwave is estimated to lead to at least 90 deaths across India and Pakistan. Temperatures in Almonte, Spain, reached 45.7 degrees Celsius, and it reached 46.3 degrees Celsius in Lousa, Portugal, just below the national record. Over 1,700 people have died in Spain and Portugal from heat-related causes over the past week. Dallas, U.S., reached 43.3 degrees Celsius, breaking the daily record set in 1980.

Source: CGTN