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Viet Nam Disaster and Dyke Management Authority (VDDMA), in collaboration with the United States Forest Service (USFS) under the United States Department of Agriculture, organized a workshop aimed at building documents for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in Vietnam. The workshop took place from March 12th to March 15th in Hanoi.

USFS IP has collaborated with VDDMA to develop teaching documents for Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), individuals tasked with assisting communities in improving disaster preparedness and serving as the first responders at the commune level when disasters strike. The workshop was attended by representatives from VDDMA, USFS, the Vietnam Red Cross Society, and delegates from international organizations.

Following the successful outcomes of the consultation workshop held in Hanoi, in Da Nang City, from March 18th to March 20th, VDDMA in collaboration with the USFS, continued to organize a Training for Trainers to instruct the CERT.

The Training continues to guide instructors in understanding theoretical lessons. Additionally, experienced USFS experts exchange practical skills and discuss methods for organizing training sessions for CERT through a carefully curated training program tailored to the realities of Vietnam.

The Community Emergency Response Teams play a crucial role in disaster response, protecting lives, property, and conducting search and rescue operations, particularly at the onset of disasters. They react swiftly to emergency situations before external forces can access affected areas, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the "4 at the scene" principle. To date, over 99% of communes in Vietnam have completed the establishment and reinforcement of CERT at the commune level.