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One Million Leaders Asia (OMLAS) is a flagship program of NELIS – Next Leaders’ Initiative for Sustainability. OMLAS's vision is to empower one million nexgen leaders and social innovators for a better and more sustainable Asia by 2030. This mission is to connect, empower and inspire nextgen leaders in Asia by providing them with a platform and the necessary skills to make a positive impact in their communities and countries.

OMLAS aims to transform the lives of people in Asia by connecting, inspiring, and empowering youth. To help realize the Asia Vision 2030, we will provide youth with leadership and social entrepreneurship training tailored to local contexts. We will also create networking opportunities and platforms for young leaders across Asia to implement their social innovation ideas through transparent and participatory mechanisms.

Following the success of the 2023 program, OMLAS continues to create opportunities for young people from Asia to attend the 2024 program through the link: 

General information about the program at website: